One challenge was to create a 3D floor plan according to a 2D floor plan. The 3D floor plan would show the vertical view, front view and side view of the structure of every floor and the interior layout. Another challenge was to render the house, including the exterior environment and landscape, find the proper elements and assemble them.
Target Audience:

High-income group people who have a big family like the lake view cottage 
The outlook of this new house couldn't be photographed because the gardens and trees haven’t yet matured, and the path and yard were unfinished. There are three ways to solve this problem. First, create a new 2D and a 3D  floor plans of each floor base on the previous floor plans below. Second, design a 3D rendering house to show the outlook and environment. Third, photograph the interiors and landscape around this area . Besides, the client required a personal logo to build brand awareness.
Inspiration / Research:
I researched 3D floor plan Apps and 3D house rendering Apps and chose Planner 5D and Adobe Photoshop to draw the illustration. The colour palette of the brochure inspired me and evoked a sense of warm sunshine, fresh air and a comfortable lifestyle. 
3D Rendering House
3D Rendering House
Colour Reference
Colour Reference
My approach to real estate brochure/ booklet design was to edit high-quality photos of the property, rendered illustrations, clear and proper words, and a clean modern layout. 
I created 2D and 3D floor plans and design details of interiors with custom photo-realistic images in Planner 5D.
I assembled environment elements around the house in Adobe Photoshop.
photographed interior and exterior environment and edited photos in Adobe Lightroom.
I drew rough sketches/ thumbnails of layout for each page of the brochure.
I designed a brand logo in Adobe Illustrator for client to build brand awareness.
I created the layout, edited the content, and assemble all the elements.
Logo Design:
I designed this typographic logo by overlapping the client’s initial letters and reshaping them to look like roofs and windows while sending the message of the client’s business service.
Colour Palette:
The colour palette of brown, green and orange represented this house and created feelings of warmth and comfort. The domain brown colour suggested nature, making that combination perfect for rural properties. The sub-colour green suited to family home. The highlight colour orange evoked the beach or lake.
Font Choice:
The Gotham Medium/ Regular font family enhanced the readability of the text, and the handwriting of Chopin Script grabbed the visual attraction. 

2D and 3D Exterior and Interior Rendering: 
2D and 3D Floor Plan (Second/Upper Floor Vertical View)
2D and 3D Floor Plan (Main Floor Vertical View)
2D and 3D Floor Plan (Lower/1st Floor Vertical View)
3D floor Plan (Lower/1st Floor Side View)           3D floor Plan (Main Floor Side View)
3D floor Plan (Upper/2nd Floor Side View)                                  3D house (Back View)
3D house (Side View)                                                            3D house (Front View)

3D Exterior Rendering & Environment and Landscape
The high-resolution photographs were crucial to grab audience's attention. Sigma ultra-wide-angle lens f10 - f18 and wide-angle lens f 18- f 35 allowed me to shoot entire rooms even when space was tight. These lenses delivered incredible results for interior and exterior photos for real estate photography. 
Final Result: 4 pages Real Estate Booklet Design
The layout, colour and font on each page of the brochure/ booklet were consistent with other panels for readability and clarity of thought and visual appeal. The single and powerful words and quotes emphasize the reliability and trustworthiness of the brand. The larger size of the font and different colours highlighted the call to action. The icons supported the meaning of the text and were easy to understand. The gradient bar connected to the subtitle helped the layout organized.  

Final Result: 8 pages Real Estate Booklet Design

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