The primary difficulty in this project was to portray the vintage style. To achieve this, I researched posters from the Golden Age of Rail Trail, which spanned from 1910 to 1959. Based on this research, I selected the final colour palette. Another challenge was the composition of the artwork. I had to consider the perspective of the landscape to determine the different sizes and layouts of assets, which would capture the scene of Vince City.

Target Audience:
People who like the vintage style.

The vintage travel wall calendar featured classic posters advertising destinations on railway lines that passed through Italy, inspiring the project.
I chose three photographs of famous Venetian tourist attractions to illustrate the characteristics of Venice.
Colour Palette:
I researched posters from the Golden Age of Rail Trail (1910-1959) and selected the final color palette inspired by them.
Font Choice:
I chose some photographs of well-known tourist spots in Venice that are located directly on the water. Then, I adjusted their size and layout and created illustrations of them using Adobe Illustrator. The result is a neat, simple and geometric design. After that, I added ink and paper textures to the poster using Adobe Photoshop's brushes and blending modes to make it look authentic. Finally, I created different sizes and assets of the poster using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for the final product.
Textural Illustration created in Adobe Photoshop
Textural Illustration created in Adobe Photoshop
Result (Animation & Packaging):
This vintage illustration is versatile and suitable for various mediums such as print, packaging, web, and motion to meet clients' requirements. I crafted a landscape diorama scene with added movement to give the audience an immersive experience. Additionally, I designed two cookie packages for the Italian company named Loison to promote its longstanding business and good reputation.

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