The rice dumpling recipe is complicated. The crucial challenge was how to make the infographic related to the ingredients and process easy to understand.

Target Audience:
People who are interested in Chinese cuisine and culture.

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated for centuries. The traditional food of the Dragon Boat Festival is rice dumplings or zongzi. People like to eat rice dumplings while watching dragon boat races during this holiday.
Sourced Image: The Dragon Boat Race Taiwan, China
Sourced Image: The Dragon Boat Race Taiwan, China
Sourced Image: The Rice Dumpling
Sourced Image: The Rice Dumpling
My inspiration came from the Dragon Boat Festival. I collected some photos and Illustrations of dragon Boats and rice dumplings. For understanding the process of wrapping the rice dumping better, I did some research about wrapping tips and homemade rice dumplings. Yum!
Colour Palette:
Font Choice:
Instead of listing the preparation steps, I wanted to bring a unique visual concept to present a scene of the dragon boat race and inserted illustrations and ingredients into it. 
I explored the colour palette from Adobe Color and imported the colours into Adobe Photoshop Library. In this way, I could quickly change the colours to save time.
I rendered the digital painting with watercolour brushes from Adobe photoshop brush to reach a realistic traditional medium result. I composited digital painting pieces and the ingredients to make one piece of work and repeatedly adjusted the size of fonts and images to reach the best virtual result.
I created another page to illustrate the tips for wrapping the rice dumpling. For a simple result, I listed the steps in concise words and placed the illustrations aside to help the readers understand the tips quickly and accurately.
The final illustrative recipe could communicate the instructions visually,  give aesthetic pleasure, and evoke the feeling of a playful festival. On the right page, every illustration of rice dumplings matched the step of wrapping the rice dumpling, which was easy to understand for readers. 

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