There were two challenges for me in this case. First, how to arrange the text and photos to create a clear, attractive, and comprehensive layout is the essential design step. Second, Keep connecting with the client and let them know about the design process. Efficiently communicating with clients was the key to reaching their expectations without repeatedly correcting the design.
Target Audience:
People who want fresh bread, buns, pastries, cookies and pies. They care about the good quality of food instead of big quantities and low prices.
Marlene's Bread and Buns is the name of my client Marlene's bakery. She has been bringing her homemade baking to North Bay Farmer's Market for eight years since she retired. Her bread and buns are moist, soft, spongy and delicious, which inspires me to advocate and promote her food. Her previous menu and logo don't virtually present her appetizing food and don't have a selling point which is important to show her product is better than other competitors. Her menu only has text and is hard to read because of the font choice. The previous logo is a stock icon and is too small. These problems need to fix in this project. 
Marlene's Kitchen
Marlene's Kitchen
Previous Menu
Previous Menu
                                                  Marlene's Kitchen                                                                                                    Previous Menu    
My Inspiration came from the food photographs on, the logo design of the bakery, and the brand story of a chef. After I understand the concept of the client's business, I want to present a feeling of fresh food daily and tell the story about my client and her product, which could attract more attention to the food quality and interest in the food behind the scene.
Colour Palette & Font Research:
I choose soft white and grey colours for the background to make contrast with the yellow and orange subjects.
I choose the serif font, but the header font is more chunky and funny which is associated with the shape of bread.
Font Choice:
I drew drafts with some ideas for the inside and outside page layout on the paper of US letter size, and equally tri-folded it as a mockup.
I presented my drafts and pictures of inspiration and reference to the client, conceptualized food photography, and let her know about the design proposal and the design process.
I took pictures of the client's food at her house. She gave me lots of opinions on matching food and props.
I edited these photos in Adobe Lightroom and assembled them in Adobe Photoshop.
I created the layout in Adobe Illustrator with the edited photos and text of the food categories and descriptions from the client.
I gave her options for two logos drafts before I started the logo design in Adobe Illustrator, and made a few changes to meet her needs.
I kept connecting with the client and got feedback on the design. If anything needed to be changed, I corrected it in time for a better result.
I proofed the final menu brochure and printed a sample.
I let her check the print sample until she was satisfied with the colours, the font size, and the content. 
I adjusted the colours of the photos to reach her requirements until she agreed to print the menu brochure.
I did some paperwork to record the time and money.

Two Drafts of Logo Design

Font Choice (Logo):
Illustrations of Logo Design

Logo Colour Palette

colour match
colour match
Logo Variations

Draft of the Brochure Design 

Before (Original Photo)

After (Edited Photo)

Other Edited Photos for Posting on Social Media and Website
The final menu brochure built the brand and attracted more attention to the food quality, ingredients and brand story. The aesthetic food photographs made the ingredients and recipes appear fresh and appetizing, and let views associated with the slogan "Fresh Product Daily". The clear and ordered layout enhanced the reading experience. The font choice, colour theme, and illustrations gave an overall impression of an authentic, traditional homemade bakery.

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