The first challenge was blending the old-fashioned "retro style" with futurism elements to explore the themes of collision and fusion between past and future. The second challenge was to tell a good story and animate it to interact audience online.

Target Audience:
The students and people were interested in this program and graduates.
We will graduate soon! An in-person and virtual grad showcase will take place on April 25th, highlighting the design skills and featuring the work created by the student of Canadore College in North Bay, ON after three years of learning and perfecting the graphic design. 
My opening crawl was inspired by the opening used at the beginning of Star Wars. I wanted to explore the themes of collision and fusion between the past and the future. The vintage opening crawl, the VR goggles, and the modern 3D screen gave me a new perspective and a creative style associated with the concept of “Retrofuturism”.
Colour Palette:
Font Choice:
Draft & Rough Design:
Logo Design:
 The rocket graphic in the logo implied the graduates’ future would launch, and at the same time, a new journey was beginning. In the process of logo design, an idea suddenly came into my mind, the logo of Canadore College looked like a rocket flame. I designed the Grad Show logo using the graphic of the Canandore College logo and animated it with a launching rocket.

Graphic Design

Logo Design

Black & White


Other graphics design:

Reference 1

Graphic Design 1

Reference 2

Graphic Design 2

Reference 3

Graphic Design 3


Result (Mockup):
Result (3D Promo Package Design):
I created a set of 3-Dimensional coffee cups package before going into production. To promote the 2023 Graphic Design Grad Show and graduates, I designed two sets of 3-Dimensional coffee cup packages to rend and test different graphics before going into production. The 3D coffee cup package models displayed the product from various angles and let me work on the design and modify it quickly. I chose the front and back sides to show two promotional labels and matched them with different coloured QR codes containing the links to the 2023 showcase website. The audience could scan the active QR codes to check the bios and portfolios of their interested designers. 
Adobe Illustrator was used to draw 3D models and apply colours and graphics. 

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