The challenge is to bring a pleasant customer experience to clients. Communicating with different clients according to their personalities, letting them understand the design would solve their problems, and ensuring we are on the same page with agreed documents are effective ways to avoid misunderstandings and build trust.
Target Audience:
People who are interested in Asian cuisine and want to try different flavours.
Green Applelicious is an Asian cuisine restaurant concept found in making food from scratch every day. Created in 2019 by Allen Zhu, Green Applelicious devotes itself to incorporating traditional Chinese wok-cooking and Canadian influence and develops new dishes for guests’ needs. Since its inception, Green Applelicious’s chefs have been hand-rolling dim sum, hand chopping and slicing all vegetables and meats, scratch-cooking every sauce and wok-cooking each dish with high-quality fresh ingredients and special culinary skills. The clean, comfortable, and exotic interior environment gives customers a good dinner experience. I took food photography in the kitchen with natural lights and artificial lights.

Interior Environment 

Behind The Scene 

My inspiration for food photography came from Jimmy Design. The different compositions, moods, and lights conveyed the different food styles. The inspiration for illustration and colours came from Chinese- traditional paper-cut patterns (Freepik) and Chinese cuisine colour palettes (Adobe Colour). Traditional elements with a modern look brought a new style into the design.
Colour Palette:
Font Choice:
I generated drafts with various concepts utilizing seven legal-size sheets of paper, folded equally to create a mockup. 
I captured the food in the restaurant kitchen. I subsequently edited the photos with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and designed illustrations and background elements in Adobe Illustrator.
I integrated the refined photos, food names, contact details, brand narrative, a 12-month calendar, and illustration components in Adobe InDesign. Continuous communication with the client facilitated feedback on the design, enabling prompt adjustments for an improved outcome.
Upon finalizing the calendar, I produced a sample for proofing. The client reviewed the print sample, and I fine-tuned colours, font sizes, and content to align with their specifications and requirements. 
Final Result (Calendar):
The ultimate calendar successfully elevated the brand identity, drawing increased attention to the food quality and the brand narrative. Aesthetic food photographs effectively showcased the freshness and appeal of ingredients and recipes. The organized and clear layout significantly improved the overall reading experience. Thoughtful choices in font, colour theme, and illustrations conveyed an authentic and creative spirit, leaving a lasting positive impression of the brand.
Final Result (Multiscreen Digital Menu Boards):
I created a captivating multi-screen panoramic restaurant menu, utilizing digital signage that incorporated eye-catching animations and motion techniques. The dynamic display showcased a live menu, highlighted featured items, and provided essential restaurant information. The visual promotion seamlessly occupied all screens, allowing graphics to flow cohesively across the entire screens. To ensure a well-executed video, I storyboarded my ideas and mapped out the content display for optimal impact.

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